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MATTEN endeavours to make the applications of water technologies simple, through intelligent and sustainable design. This commitment is reflected in the company logo, which is made up of multihued constituents inspired by the structure of a water molecule — core to the identity of MATTEN. The transitory nature of water treatment is depicted by the change in colour.

The dots depict our deployment of Digital Solutions and Smart Devices, harnessing the power of data and analytics for decision making. The three colours are all brought together through interconnecting lobes, symbolising people, technology, and environment.


Our Services

We love tackling and treating challenging feed water qualities to meet our clients’ requirements. We enjoy working with discerning clients — people who value technology, quality, and service.


Design & Build

OEM Fabrication

Operation & Maintenance

Digital Water Management


Our Industries

We have the expertise and experience in designing and integrating water systems that meet the needs of most industries. We continually innovate and constantly challenge our innovative frontiers.

Oil & Gas




Food & Beverage

Power Plant


Our Products

Your one-stop shop, your trusted partner in all water and wastewater matters. With our balanced mix of technologies, products, and services, we are proud of our business partners, making sure we always have a good solution for you.

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