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Certified Standard and Modular SWRO Systems

Certified standard and modular SWRO systems.

Our standard SWRO systems are certified by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and certifiable by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) for the most stringent applications in the oil and gas, maritime industries and more. We also upgrade our systems to meet the explosion-proof specifications if required by our clients.

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Seawater abundant.
But every drop counts.

Seawater desalination remains the costliest mean of producing potable or industrial water. Poorly designed, equipped and instrumented systems make every drop of usable water extracted from the seas even less economically viable for the end-users. The longer an inferior one is in use, the costlier it will be exponentially.


Optimised to minimise energy costs.

Among others, two major elements decide most in the overall recovery efficiency of a SWRO system – the selection of the type of SWRO membrane, and collectively the choices of the high pressure pumps and energy recovery device (ERD). Our standard SWRO systems (of more than 20m3/day per set) are equipped with most efficient membrane and best pumps and ERD to maximise the permeate output, yet with least energy possible.

Schematic diagram of swro

Minimising energy cost.

Invest in ERD. Payback in no time.

The cost of energy in a SWRO process can be between 30% and 50% of the total production cost of desalinated water. In an environment where power cost is exorbitant, this can go up to 70% of the total cost of production. Invest in a SWRO system that is equipped with a good ERD. It may help save 50% or more of the energy required, and the savings will help recoup the capital cost of the ERD within a relatively short time.

Invest in ERD

Maximising recovery.

Right membrane. Lasting flux and product life cycle.

The continuous advancement of SWRO membrane in improving permeate output while requiring less energy helps make desalination increasingly a viable water solution. Selecting the right SWRO membrane for greatest recovery while maintaining longest life cycle is crucial to minimising the operating costs per m3 of product water produced.

Letf Membrane.Lasting Flux and Product Life Cycle

And well equipped and instrumented
for 24/7 hassle-free operations.

Lots of high quality and performing parts and components, electrical and electronic instrument are packed with our SWRO systems too. Getting most out of every drop of seawater also means that there shall be least downtime, and this absolutely requires rather fool-proofed systems packed with high quality hardware, well instrumented and programmed functions that need least human attendance. Our systems are designed and packed to do just that.

equipped and instrumented

Pre-designed systems.

Short production/ delivery lead-time.

One of the biggest advantages of a standard and modular water treatment system is the saving of time required to design, and to determine the specifications. It is pre-designed. And specifications and quantities of parts and components are pre-determined. This allows our production teams to commence production immediately upon a confirmation of order from our agent, distributor or end-user customer.

delivery lead-time
Short production
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