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Containerised SWRO system

Like a magic box.

Seawater from one end. And

potable water from the other.

Containerised SWRO system

All-in-one simplicity.

Multiple purposes of a desalination system.

A shipping container.
A transportable box.
An air-conditioned room.
A water filtration plant.

Made simple for shipment

Made simple for shipment.

Made easy for site installation.

We modify our containers to create conducive environment within for our clients’ operators. The internal walls and ceilings are layered with Superflex boards, the floors are checker-plated and epoxycoated. The containers come with air-conditioners, overhead lighting, safety shower devices, one-man side doors for easy personnel access, and pre-built utility tie-in points for hassle-free connections at sites. All these without compromising any compliance to seaworthiness and international shipping standards and regulations.

Made easy for service

Made easy for service
and maintenance.

Though fitting all essential equipment and parts and components into a constrained space is never easy, we do not compromise on any standards or compliance where adequate spaces required for operations and services and maintenance are concerned. We cleverly make use of any space available within the containers. Fitting the equipment, parts and components against the inner walls, running pipes and cables hanging from the ceilings etc of the containers to optimise the use of space.


Optimising all into a constrained space.

Integrating all the RO membrane housings and other integral equipment, parts and components into a constrained space of a container to produce the greatest flux possible, and still making sure that the space is optimised for service and maintenance, is harder than you think. It requires not only versatile expertise and established engineering experiences, it needs also out-of-the-box creativity and innovative strife. We are capable of doing just that – compact containerised SWRO systems that take seawater in from one end, and churn out potable water from the other.

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Producing more or less.

By having it long or short. High or low.

Our standard fully self-contained 20’ containerised SWRO systems are capable of producing 100 m3/hr of permeate. For greater filtration capacities, we have standard 40’ containerised systems producing as much as 200 m3/hr of permeate. Other variations for greater desalination capacities include 40’ high-cube containers with the rest of the peripheral equipment such as MMF systems, feed pumps, control panel, clean-in-place (CIP) system etc in a separate standard 20‘ or 40‘ container.

Producing More Or Less

Limited space. But numerous applications.

With the pre-treatment systems built in, selection and fitting of either our insideout, our plug-and-play containerised SWRO systems can be used to purify seawater to potable standards, and can be used by a wide spectrum of sectors, by the shore, offshore or on remote islands.

Optimising All Into a Containerised Space
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