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No compromise on
essential features.

Sizes of treatment capacities do not matter
most. Performance of every of our standard
and modular systems does. Our small RO
systems have all the essential features and
qualities of what a performing RO system
ought to have. No compromise.

Sturdy. Handy. Simplicity.

Different capacities for plug-and-play installation.

Our MH-RO series consists of a range of systems integrated with either one, two, or four RO membrane elements producing 8 to 33 m3/day (2,300 to 8,800 GPD) of permeate. They are fully wired-and-plumbed skid systems ready for “plug-and-play” installation at the sites. Our systems are automated with high quality parts and components and instrument, and are well programmed for various applications.


As versatile. Of course.

With different pre-treatment options.

Our MH-RO series can be fitted with different choice of pre-treatment options (and posttreatment choices too) to suit different types of feed water, and produce RO permeate that may be desired for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Small capacities aside, they are as versatile for use as our other ranges of standard and modular BWRO systems.

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