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A little machine for
many applications.

Our MH series of BWRO systems can be used by clinics,
laboratories, R&D centres, restaurants, households, or even
factories that requires industrial water of small volume.


Education/R&D Institution.

Purified water for laboratory.

Our MH-RO system has been used to produce 12m3/day of purified water used at the laboratory of one of Singapore’ s well known education centres. While the source of water is from the national water agency which meets the potable water standards, chlorine residual and residual content of dissolved minerals are removed through our activated carbon and MH RO systems for laboratory purposes.

MATTEN-Website Designs-RO Section 02 (Final Version-March 2017)

Semiconductor processing.

Production of electronic-grade water.

With MMF and activated carbon pre-treatment systems, our
MH-RO system was used to produce 1.3m3/hr of process
water for use by a semiconductor customer in Singapore.
Small system as it was, it was more than capable of
producing process water that met the semiconductor
sector’s stringent electronic-grade water parameters.

MATTEN-Website Designs-RO Section 02 (Final Version-March 2017)

Electronic processing.

Deionised water for industrial use.

Coupled with pre-treatment systems, and combined two of our MH-RO systems together, the plant produced 6m3/hour of deionised (DI) for an electronic processing factory’s application in the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia. As all systems are skid-based and pretested, the DI plant was set up and commissioned shortly at the client’s site.

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