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reliable. versatile. intelligent.


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We do it better than others.

RO technology has probably revolutionised how water is treated for residential, commercial and industrial applications most over past several decades. We have designed, innovated and made countless BWRO systems through our existence. Our systems are not only reliable and versatile for a wide range for applications, they are also well instrumented and programmed to be intelligent water purification machines. Our established expertise and cumulative experiences have enabled us to do so so much better than our competitors.


We make it last.

And so dependable for your business.

For a BWRO system to be reliable, and to last, it is not just the use of high-quality materials and parts and components. It is how to make sure that the process designs, the parts and components selected, and the programming done all work in tandem. This includes how we consistently apply variable speed devices (VFDs) to work the pumps to minimise the wear and tear of pipe joints, parts and components, and to protect the longevity of RO membrane in our systems.


We make it work.

For different sources of feed water.

Standard designs and systems they may be, we incorporate optimal safety factors in our BWRO systems to handle possibly fluctuating feed water’s characteristics from a single source. We carry a range of standard BWRO systems too to handle varying feed water’s parameters of different sources – different pre-treatment options can be added to these systems to produce the permeate’s qualities desired by our end-user customers. These expand the versatility of RO membrane’s applications, otherwise limited by the membrane’s own inherent susceptibility to many types of contaminants in a typical feed water.


We make it clever.

Least human attendance. Fewest failures.

A well designed and adequately maintained machine to perform a specific function usually does not fail unexpectedly. Often, it can be and is faulted by humans’ mishandling or errors. And this is very costly to endusers. Our BWRO systems are so well instrumented and programmed to handle the process functions and the necessary variations on their own, intelligently. Not only they help save costs from possible failures, but they also help the end-users save human attendance costs.

Even more versatile.

With a wide range of membrane
to suit different applications.

There are many types of spiral-wound RO membrane available these day. E.g, low-reject-low-energy, highpressure-high-reject membrane for brackish water purification. NSF-certified membrane for sanitary and drinking water applications. Hot-water sanitisable membrane for food & beverage industries. High-pressure seawater membrane for desalination, and so on. And they are also available in different diameters and lengths for optimal systems’ configurations to handle different flow rates and out capacities desired. Our expertise in membrane selection enable us to apply our standard systems to an even wider range of applications.


Nanofitration (NF).

With a wide range of membrane
to suit different applications.

We fit NF membrane with some of our BWRO systems to suit other applications. NF works similarly to RO. It is generally intended to remove only divalent and larger ions. With a pore size between 0.1 and 10 nm, smaller than that of UF but larger than RO membrane, it allows some salts to pass through while retaining multivalent ions and low molecular weight molecules such as sugar, protein and other organic compounds. While it is sometimes applied to purify surface or underground waters with low TDS and fewer contaminants (with lower energy and tends to foul and scale less relatively compared with RO membrane), NF has often been applied to other industrial areas such as production of lactose from cheese whey, juice concentration, dairy products’ processing etc.

Ready-to-use BWRO systems.

Pretreatment process – checked. CIP system – checked. Pressure feed pump – checked. RO housing and membrane – checked. The rest – checked. Purifying underground water, or bored water, or river water, or reservoir water, or lake water etc – checked. To potable water or industrial process water – checked. All-in-one versatile systems that are ever ready to be used with so little else to be installed at the point of use. Catalogue ↓


Standard. But versatile.

Separate and targeted choice of pre-treatment
process to suit different feed water’s characteristics.

The content of feed water to a BWRO system may vary very widely, subject to the source of water. We have a range of pre-engineered BWRO systems with varying capacities without pre-treatment systems, making them versatile for numerous applications with flexible and separate choices of pre-treatment options to suit a particular type/source of feed water. Our technical teams are able to vary the content of the control panel and programming to integrate and automate the process functions of any pre-treatment process with our standard BWRO systems.


BWRO skids.

Made simple for shipments, site installation and testing and commissioning for larger plants.

Multiple BWRO skids.

Line and link them at sites for larger capacities.

Where larger filtration capacities are required, we design and make identical BWRO skids that are suitable to be shipped and transported in either 20’ or 40’ containers. The skids are fully plumbed and wired at our factories to the extent that they can be interconnected at the project sites easily. We conduct stringent factory acceptance tests to validate the functionalities of the skids prior to shipments, and minimise the testing and commissioning process and time at the sites. These help save not only the shipment and transportation costs, but also substantial time at the plants’ sites to the commencement of operations.


We make them

fast in production and delivery;
easy to be shipped and transported;
hassle-free to be installed at sites;
quick to be commissioned for use.


Our standard and modular BWRO systems are pre-designed. We keep stock of regularly used materials and parts and components. With the in-house production teams and facilities, we are able to control our production schedules and manage delivery lead time of an order, better than others. Our systems are designed and made to be accommodated by either 20’ or 40’ containers. This makes shipment and transportation easy, and inexpensive too. They are configured for hassle-free piping and cabling connections at project sites. With vigorous and stringent factory acceptance tests and certifications, they can be optimised within a short time for operations after testing and commissioning at the sites.

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