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It’s no ordinary
BWRO system.

Designed and made by extraordinary people.

Sanitary-compliant BWRO systems are not
the same as those made ordinarily for
common industrial applications. Process
designs may not differ much, the rest are
quite different and not ordinary feats.

An extraordinary
water specialist.

For an exceptional industry.

Food and beverage (F&B) productions are some of the most
stringently regulated businesses, and some of the most
complexly governed industries. Most of such productions
involve the use of purified water as ingredient water. Hence,
the vulnerability arising from contaminated water. Many
water companies worldwide design and make water
purification systems for low-end use, but few truly have the
established expertise and track records to do so for the F&B
industries. It needs an extraordinary water specialist firm,
with extraordinary people and expertise to do so.

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Outstanding. Performance and look.

No details are spared. We are always meticulous in putting everything together for a sanitary
BWRO system. Not only that it must perform exceptionally well, it must look great
aesthetically too to make our customers feel proud of their investments.


Not a single part
without the F&B
hygiene standards
in our mind.

A non-compliant or failed BWRO system
will potentially cost you millions in loss of
revenue and brand reputation. Invest in
our systems for your F&B applications – it
will be one of your best insurances to
protect your revenue, brand and name.


F&B production’s ingredient water.

Every bit food-grade. Every part sanitary.

Every bit and part of our sanitary BWRO systems is designed and assembled with the most
demanding hygiene requirements in our mind. For F&B production’s ingredient water, all
parts, components and materials used in a BWRO system must be of sanitary specifications
and food-grade standards. But the biggest concern must be to prevent breeding and
growth of bacteria in the RO system’s pipelines. This requires that all pipes’ weld-joints and
configurations, valves, pressure gauges, flow meters etc must not have any dead-end/
dead-leg that may cause drag and stagnation of water.


Every drop counts.

Highest recovery ensured.

F&B production industry is one of the greatest
water-consumers worldwide. Apart from
corporate social responsibilities, RO water is
costly. Our 3-stage BWRO systems help save
every drop of water possible.


3-stage RO process.

Maximum recovery. Yet achieving
the desired permeate’s qualities.

Most F&B productions use large volume of purified water as ingredient water. Recovering every drop of brackish water used is essential in keeping the longterm operating costs down – both the raw water’s and wastewater treatment costs. Where possible, we offer 3-stage BWRO systems – in which more permeate is extracted from the concentrate of the 1st- and 2nd-stage RO vessels respectively. This is so without compromising on achieving the desired qualities of the ingredient water needed.

Learn more about RO processes >



So consistent in performance.

We know how valuable each inch of a
production plant’s space can be. Our
BWRO systems are well designed and
configured to consistently achieve
optimal performances, yet to occupy
the smallest footprints possible.


F&B production.

Ingredient water specialist.

Beyond sanitary BWRO systems, we design, fabricate, assemble, install and commission an entire water treatment plant to suit the flow rates and types of production. All these with fabrication and assemblies of major systems and programming works with our in-house factory facilities and technical teams, unlike some water solution providers. Be it a greenfield or brown-field project, we work with our agents, distributors, installation partners or
on our own to undertake the project for our customer directly, locally or overseas.

Complete water purification line for ingredient water.

More than just BWRO systems.

Pre- and post-RO processes essential.

 Sanitary BWRO systems do not do all the wonders. They require a whole host of pre- and post-
RO systems to be a complete water purification line to produce acceptable ingredient water.
Subject to raw water’s qualities, a comprehensive pre-treatment process is essential for the
BWRO systems to attain their recovery and membrane’s longevity. Post-treatment process is
needed to keep the ingredient water disinfected at all time.


Application : production of carbonated drinks.

Example of a complete water treatment plant’s configuration.


Effective pre-treatment.
UF system with NSFcertified

Our pre-treatment process removes solids and undesired contaminant
particulates. Auto-screen filters first remove particulates of sizes larger
than 100 micron, and the NSF-certified membrane removes the rest
down to 0.1 micron. The whole system comes with auto backflush and
chemical dosing features. Multiple trains can be easily installed in-situ
for larger treatment capacities.


Sophisticated ACF system.

High-grade granular activated carbon is used to remove excessive organic matters, odour, color and chlorine in the pre-treated water prior to BWRO systems. Our ACF tanks (and the rest of their ancillary items) are made of SS316L materials, and are designed and configured to meet pharmaceutical standards. They are configured to operate in series or lead-and-lag option. Steam or hot water sanitisation mechanism is available to eliminate bacteria from time to time. SS316L screen filters (25 or 50 micron), with backwash features, are provided to prevent carbon particulates from entering the BWRO systems.


High-recovery sanitary
BWRO system.

Our 3-stage RO system makes sure that we recover every drop of feed water possible. And at the same time, it performs consistently well in achieving the desired ingredient water qualities for production. Hot water sanitisable BWRO systems are also available as an option. Feed water is first filtered through food-grade 5-micron cartridge filters in SS316L housing, prior to membrane filtration. Inline conductivity meter safely prevents off-spec permeate from going to the storage tank and production lines.


UV system for final disinfection.

For the production of carbonated drinks, juices, alcoholic drinks and solid food etc, UV systems are recommended as the last-stage disinfection options for the ingredient water before production. Our skid-based UV devices are easy to be installed at the project site. The UV lamps are protected from fine solids by 1-micron cartridge filters.
Circulation of post-UV water to the storage tank is recommended to
keep the stored ingredient water disinfected at all time. Ozonation
systems are available as disinfection options for ingredient water
used for bottled water.


Admirable MCP standards.

We design and assemble every control panel in-house to achieve the
qualities and standards admired by our peers. For production of F&B
ingredient water, the control panel cabinets are made of SS304 or
316 and they comply with IP 55 standards (or better). Our MCPs are
fitted with a wide spectrum of instrument including HMIs, VSDs, UPS,
electrical enclosure cooling devices and many more.


Hygienic storage tanks.

RO water storage tanks need to be deep-cleaned and disinfected
with chemicals once or twice a year, especially after some shutdown
time of the water treatment plants. Our tanks are made of SS316L
material (passivation is optional) and are fitted with rotating spray
balls to ensure thorough cleaning and rinsing of the inner walls
during disinfection process. HEPA filters are provided for pressure
balance in the tanks and they keep bacteria out of the tanks.


Ancillary systems. As essential.

We design and assemble other ancillary systems which are equally
essential to the operations of a complete ingredient water purification
plant. These may include feed pump skids, backwash pump skids, CIP
systems etc. For F&B standards, the skids and piping works are largely
made of SS304 or 316 materials.

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