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RO technologies have
revolutionised how water
is treated and used.

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RO technologies.

Changing lives of
the human kinds.

RO technologies have evolved over more than 5 decades. BWRO processes have made treating water from many different types of surface and underground sources to meet residential, commercial and industrial needs possible. The constantly improved RO membrane’s efficiency and decreasing application costs have helped improved the lives of human kinds, not only on the access to potable water but also on making products more affordable for our day-to-day use and consumption.

Carbonated drinks & juices.

Ingredient water
for bottling lines.

In 2015, our teams executed the designs, assemblies, installation and commissioning concurrently of a 65m3/hr and a 120m3/hr ingredient water treatment plant for Suntory-PepsiCo (Vietnam) Beverage for carbonated drink and juice bottling lines, on time. Using underground water at both plants, our supplies included auto-screen filters, UF systems, sanitisable activated carbon systems, water softeners and sanitary-standard BWRO systems, UV systems etc, apart from all other auxiliary systems such as CIP systems, sanitisable RO storage tanks etc.

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Fragrance & flavours.

Process water for production.

Our BWRO system has been used for the production
of fragrance and flavours of Takasago International
in Singapore. One of our post-sale service and
maintenance customers too, our activated carbon
system first removes the city water’s residual
chlorine before the water is passed through a
5-micron cartridge filter and RO membrane.

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Oil drilling site.

NF system filtering oil-drilled
wastewater for discharge.

We fitted our modified BWRO system with NF membrane
for filtering the fine solids from Petrochina’s oil-drilled
wastewater to meet the discharge standards at one of its
sites in Indonesia. Unlike RO membrane, NF membrane
has larger pore size, and can be operated with lower
pressure to help filter out fine solids with less tendency
of membrane’s blockage for such application.

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Production of paint.

Containerised system for process water.

With UF system as the pre-treatment option, we designed and supplied a fully containerised RO system (9.5 m3/hr) to produce process water for Dulux (Australia)’s production’s needs. Fully tested at our factory through our vigorous FAT’s procedures, our containerised system was connected pipe-in-pipe-out and wired without hassle at the client’s factory site. The system was made to meet AS3000 requirements.

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Semiconductor processing.

Production of electronic-grade water.

Our skid-based BWRO systems are also often used to produce process water that meets the electronic-grade standards required by semiconductor sectors. The fully automated system was deployed by Sanmina-SCI (Singapore) to purify water from our national agency for day-to-day process water required at the semiconductor factory.

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