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We do not see post-sale support services as post-sale.

At every opportunity possible, we wish to continue to serve our end-users in the subsequent operations of all the systems or plants that we have supplied to ensure that they have the best experiences

Our business does not end at
systems’/plants’ hand-overs.

As an option to our end-user customers, we aim to provide them with contract maintenance services on the systems or plants. Where possible, we assess and take on service contracts for systems or plants supplied by others as well. Where we do not have our own presence, we train and support our agents, distributors and partners to provide the services likewise. Our maintenance services include a while range of activities and programs to ensure that our customers continue to enjoy the best experiences possible in their facilities post-installation. Sales enquiry →


Support services beyond supplies & installation.

Our maintenance service programs are designed to make sure that our customers’ facilities continue to run with minimal unexpected downtime. In running any equipment, machinery or systems, nothing beats preventive measures to avoid any disruptions of one’s core day-to-day business. Leave this to an expert, leave this to us – an extraordinary water specialist.

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