Food and Beverage Water & Wastewater Treatment

Food and beverage industry is constantly ranked as one of the highest water consumers in industrial applications, a large volume of high quality water is consumed and produces tons and tons of highly polluted wastewater.

MATTEN and our partners provide effective solutions in food and beverage sectors includes:

  • Hygienic ingredient water treatment
  • Water purification for utilities usage
  • Food and beverage wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater recycle and reuse
  • Resource recovery
  • Digital water management
  • Operation and maintenance service

Ingredient water treatment

Food and beverage (F&B) productions are some of the most stringently regulated businesses, and some of the most complexly governed industries. Most of such productions involve the use of purified water as ingredient water. It needs an extraordinary water specialist firm,with extraordinary people and expertise, not only understands the importance of ingredient water compliance, but most importantly, a specialist water company with plenty of track records that is willing to work with customers hand-in-hand, plan-design-build-operate the water treatment system with high reliability.

At MATTEN, we deliver bespoke hygienic water treatment solutions for various food and beverage manufacturers worldwide. We understand food hygienic requirements, with our in-house know-how, we design and build hygienic water treatment systems with constant product water quality, minimized microbial risk, maximized system availability and low cost of ownership enabled lifetime support sustainability. We are always meticulous in putting everything together for a sanitary system. Not only that it must perform exceptionally well, it must look great aesthetically too to make our customers feel proud of their investments. Our long growing installation reference in the region proves our leader position in ingredient water treatment.


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  • Case study – High recovery sanitary RO system for PepsiCo
  • Case study – Double pass RO for reject recycle application

Wastewater treatment

Wastewater plants at food and beverage manufacturing facilities are constantly challenged by changes in influent conditions caused by load shocks; temperature changes; increases in production; changes in manufacturing operations; spills; wash water surges; operation malfunction; and limited equalization capacity. Effectively treating this wastewater is often difficult, for reasons numerous and varied. In many cases, conventional activated sludge treatment systems are not capable of handling large, sudden variations in BOD, COD and nutrients.

At MATTEN, we offer a wide range of biological treatment solutions, anaerobic and aerobic, that are acknowledged as best-in-class in the industry with hundreds of blue-chip customers. Our biological treatment process removes a large part of the organic load of the wastewater and converts it into energy-rich biogas. For example, anaerobic technology can be used in dairies to produce biogas from excess whey and sludge. The resulting biogas can be used to generate electrical and / or thermal energy.

Featured Food and Beverage Treatment Applications:

The largest ingredient water plant in SEA

The work, the largest of its kind in SEA, was finally commissioned and handed over to the customer by the end of 2020. This centralized water treatment plant is sited at Santa Rosa, the Philippines, outskirt of Manila. Combining Santa Rosa 1 and Santa Rosa 2, it is the biggest factory under Coca Cola Beverages Philippines. Inc. (CCBPI). 14,000 m3/day, serving 14 production lines, utility (cooling tower, boiler), through ONE centralized water treatment plant.
It is also the first ever water treatment plant being successfully remotely commissioned due to COVID travel restriction.

Complete water treatment plant built in Vietnam

We had the privileged to deliver 2 sets of complete ingredient water treatment system for carbonated soft drink production for Suntory Pepsico Beverage Vietnam (SPVB) in 2015. Total capacity 185 m3/hr.

Despite a short project schedule, our teams were proud to have handed over the systems, successfully tested and commissioned, and handed over to the SPVB team before Christmas of 2015.

To minimise the wastage of water, we had supplied a high recovery 3-stage RO system with recovery of 85%. Our output water qualities passed the 3rd-party’s laboratory tests at once with our first water samples, including microbial tests.

All-in-one reactor – turns ice-cream wastewater into energy

The BIOPAQ®AFR Biodigester – is up and running at Ben & Jerry’s factory in Hellendoorn in the Netherlands, after a year of testing and a year and half of trial runs since 2014.

The ACF is an anaerobic flotation reactor. Ice cream waste is fed into its tank, where 24bn natural micro-organisms break down the particles, turning them into biogas. At the same time wastewater, used in keeping the factory clean, is also fed into the tank with the micro-organisms. What makes it original is that wastewater streams containing fat and oil are treated in one compact reactor, together with the degradable particles. This is in contrast to conventional systems, whereby this is only possible by going through a number of processing stages. The biogas created by the biodigester is used in the factory’s GreEnergy project, which acts like a battery by insulating water at the correct temperatures for ice cream creation and dramatically reducing the need for natural gas to heat the plant.