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A few notes.

  1. Quote the job vacancy number.
    Do fill in the job vacancy number and the post offered in our preset application format. It makes it easier for us to process your application.
  2. Remember to provide us with your contact number.
    Do indicate your contact number(s) clearly either in your cover mail to us or in your resume.
  3. Send us your resume in PDF format.
    Do not transmit your resume in other software format other than PDF to streamline the transmission capacity required.
  4. Other documents can wait.
    Need not email us copies of documents relating to your qualifications, skills, past training programs or workshop attended etc. We will notify you to do so if required for and during our evaluation of your applications, or if you are shortlisted for interviews.
  5. We will notify you if shortlisted.
    Do give us time to process and review your application and resume. We will contact you should you be shortlisted for interview.
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