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The real all-in-one packaged UF systems.

From feed pump, membrane protector, UF modules, backflush pump, auto-backflush system, to chemical dosing system, tanks, fully instrumented control panel with HMI touch-screen display, we pre-design, configure and pack them all onto one sturdy hot-dip galvanised steel skid for most of the standard applications..We make truly packaged UF systems.


One- and two-module systems.

Small in systems. Big in features.

One module systems

Fitted with either Ø10”x48” or Ø10”x60” modules, our plug-and-play standard UF systems start with one- and two-module systems. Subject to feed water qualities, they are capable of producing 2 m3/hr to 6 m3/hr of filtrate respectively. What’s more is we do not short-change what a high-performing 24/7 plug-and-play UF system should be, in terms of quality components and instrumentation. These systems are suitable for small but vast range of applications.

two module systems

Compact multiple-module systems.

Pack in the front for less. Add in the back for more.

multiple-module systems

12 m3/hr

4 x module skid.

36 m3/hr

12 x module skid.

And more.

Our larger, multiple-module systems are configured to produce most flux with least foot-print. And yes, with all the parts and components onboard a single skid. Our UF modules are either aligned in a single row or in dual rows back-to-back for varying filtration capacities. They are designed and configured for easy installation. And for great transportability. All in a system’s entirety without compromising its serviceability and maintainability.

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Fully integrated standard systems.

Packed with amazing components and features.

Beginning with careful selection of membrane and modules, completing with all essential equipment, parts and components for a truly standard, modular and packaged UF system. All on the same skid for a truly plug-and-play water purification plant. Selection of all other quality items integral to the optimal performance of the membrane and modules is as important. Be they skid’s materials and finishings, pumps, valves, pipes and fittings, control panel and instrument, cables and wiring works, there is no compromise on selecting the best available for a fail-proof packaged UF system.

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