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Amazing modular
UF skids unlike others.

Our modular UF skids are made for installation at the project sites requiring large flux rate. They are designed and configured for ease of shipments with 20’/40’ containers. Multiple skids can be installed with hassle-free inter-skid connections to be carried at project sites.

Amazing modular

Yes, that many UF modules per skid.

Up to 28 x Ø10”x60” modules per standard skid.

For projects requiring treatment capacities larger than 24-36 m3/hr (depending on feed water qualities, membrane and modules recommended), we have a range of standard and modular M.BLOC UF skids pre-designed for various applications. Fitted with our Ø10”x60” UF modules for greatest flux, these skids are configured compact to save footprint requirements. They are also designed for shipments by 20’ containers (high-cube), and easy for in-situ installation at project sites. Our 28-module skids are capable of producing up to 70-100 m3/hr (subject to feed water qualities and modules used) of filtrate per standard skid.


One. Two. Multiple skids.

As your project needs.

Multiple skids

Like our plug-and-play systems, our M.BLOC UF skids may be fitted with either inside-out, outside-in or A-series modules subject to feed water parameters and applications. Whether there is one, two or multiple skids deployed, they are ideal for hassle-free installation at sites – they are structured to be aligned parallel easily, they come with our pre-installed standard pipe flanges and provision of cables from the skids for in-situ connections. They make planning for optimal plant layouts easy. They are easy for the operators to manage and maintain, as familiarity with one skid’s features applies to the rest. They facilitate modular expansion of a treatment plant’s capacities in future, by simply adding on our skids of the same.


Seamless integration at sites.

Complete your plant with our pre-engineered,
pre-built equipment and components integral to UF skids.

Seamless integration

The modular UF skids alone of course do not make a complete water treatment plant. Apart from raw water intake facilities, feed water tanks, filtrate storage tanks and some concrete structures and so on, availability of other essential equipment and components for hassle-free in-situ installation is equally important. These may include feed water pumps, pre-treatment systems, chemical dosing systems, central control panel just to name a few. We make all these possible for you – they are pre-engineered, pre-built or custom-designed-and-built before-hand according to your site requirements, making the process of integrating all these with our modular UF skids at your site incredibly easy.

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