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Pretreatment for F&B’s ingredient water.

Compliant with international
sanitary/hygienic standards.

For F&B and other industries.

Food and beverage, pharmaceutical sectors etc are some
of the most demanding ones requiring equipment and
machinery to meet international sanitary/hygienic
standards. In designing UF systems as parts of the pre- treatment for down-stream purification stages such as RO
processes, all UF media and materials and parts and
components used are to be carefully selected to meet
food-grade compliances as well as sanitary designs and
practices. Established expertise would be crucial to meet
the most stringent specifications.


River to taps.

Natural water to potable water.

Consistent water quality. Everyday.

We have a comprehensive range of standard and modular UF systems pre- designed and pre-engineered to purify many types of natural waters to meet WHO’s (World Health Organisation) standards for potable use. Whether it is from underground, wells, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, rain collections, our UF systems are designed for up to Log-6 removals of bacteria and viruses, and a whole host of other impurities and contaminants. They are well suitable for municipal water supply, or for business operations such as mines’ camps, industrial and residential townships, resorts, hotels, theme parks etc.


Potable water for mining camp.

UF systems for the mining industries.

Mining more. Minding less.

In the mining industries, the miners would want to mine most and mind the utility facilities least. Water treatment
and supply infrastructures and plants, among others, shall be relatively hassle-free on a day-to-day basis. However
far or remotely located the mining sites and men-camp’s are from the urban areas. Over the years, we have learned
and built user-friendly and hassle-free UF systems that meet the Australian Mining Standards to purify natural
water for potable use by the mining operators. Whether they are open skid-based or containerised systems, we
have supplied to established and reputable mining companies in the region, especially in Australia.


Recycling domestic wastewater.

Recycling grey water.

Pioneer in applying UF technologies.

We are the pioneer in applying UF technologies to recycle grey water
for residential and commercial buildings in Singapore. We have
innovated and developed standard and packaged UF systems to
recycle such establishments’ grey water for non-potable use (toilet
flushing, irrigation/gardening, floor washing etc). Our systems have
been parts of many Platinum-Green-Mark-Award winning buildings
and estates in Singapore. Apart from grey water recycling, we supply
UF systems for rainwater harvesting applications of some of such
green developments.


Recycling industrial wastewater.

From wastewater to process water.

Saving resources. Saving costs.

With adequate wastewater treatment processes for sewage or
industrial effluent upfront, our UF systems can be used to purify
the effluent further for non-potable or industrial use (subject to
product water qualities desired). Subject to a certain content of
impurities and contaminants of industrial wastewater, our A-series
UF membrane and system are capable of recycling some
of such industrial wastewater for reuse on a standalone basis.
Our team will evaluate and determine such applications of
yours on a case-by-case basis.

Pre-treatment to RO system.

Membrane + membrane.

Numerous applications.

UF process has increasingly been used as an effective pre- treatment step before RO systems. Using UF systems to remove/reduce solids as alternatives to conventional multimedia filters, sand filters etc has proven to be more cost-effective and efficient especially where larger
treatment capacities are concerned. With RO processes downstream, UF technologies have been used as pretreatment steps for recycling sewage to potable standards, recycling industrial effluent for reuse by the industrial processing or production, purifying seawater for potable use, and for many other applications.

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