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Pretreatment options.
A little more upfront.
A lot less later.

Optimise membrane’s performance for what it’s
for. And lengthen membrane’s lifespan and save
replacement costs in the long term.


Screen/disc filter systems.

Simple yet highly effective.

For multiple modular UF-skid configurations
of larger water treatment plants, we will
supply separate pre-designed, pre-built skid-
based screen/disc filter systems as UF

membrane’s protectors. These multi-filter
systems are fully automated where filtration
and backflush cycles are concerned. The
systems are designed for easy installation and
connection at sites.


Multimedia filters (MMF).

Removing multiple contaminants.

If the feed water is high in turbidity and other
content such as silt, clay, grit, organic matter etc that may strain the UF membrane downstream, a MMF system can be an effective pre-treatment step before membrane filtration. We pre-design and pre-build skid-based MMF systems (with FRP or steel tanks) for seamless site installation and connection. They are fully automated and can be easily connected at site to our PLC control panels.


Other pretreatment options.

Our expertise makes it easy for you.

Excessive oil and grease in grey water or industrial effluent for recycling. High mineral content in
underground or well water for purification to potable standards. Other impurities or contaminants in feed
water etc will all greatly undermine the performance of UF membrane. It is crucial to remove or reduce
adequately the content of such to a certain level specified for the membrane chosen. We carry other pre-
designed and preengineered systems (such as dissolved air flotation – DAF – systems), or non-standard

systems to handle the exceptional feed parameters before any UF processes.

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