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Designed-and-built large
SWRO desalination plants.

5 MLD, 10 MLD, 25 MLD, 50 MLD and larger.

Designed-and-built large

EPC/turnkey engineering expertise and capabilities.

That is how versatile we can be.

For large SWRO desalination plants beyond applications of standard and modular systems, we support our regional partners with our plants’ design expertise and supplies of systems and equipment, covering from seawater intake facilities to pre-treatment, SWRO and remineralisation processes for potable water applications (there shall be BWRO and demineralisation processes post-SWRO systems if for boiler water applications). Where market sectors or territories are not covered by any of our regional partners, we have the capabilities and track records for undertaking the projects on an EPC/turnkey engineering basis.

Process Water for Refinery’s Industrial Use

Typical Large SWRO Desalination Plant’s Process Flow

Typical Large SWRO
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