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Fit for oil and gas industry.

Surely great for many more.

We have designed and made SWRO systems for applications in the oil and gas industry for years. This industry has some of the most stringent and demanding engineering and industrial standards worldwide. Our SWRO systems are surely more than meet the industrial standards required of many other industries. We need not say more.

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SWRO desalination.

The most sustainable water solution to many applications.

Our oceans are the most sustainable sources of water. As desalination solutions and processes are increasingly more economical, more and more social and economic sectors worldwide adopt seawater desalination technologies as solutions to applications. Our SWRO systems and plants have been used in a wide range of applications – oil rigs, gas platforms, oil service barges, ports and jetties, resorts, island communities, power plants, refineries, military outposts and more.

SWRO desalination

Remote island fishing community.

Drinking water for a remote island.

Our skid-based standard and modular UF and SWRO systems made the shipment and transportation to an exceptionally remote finishing island of Indonesia so easy. With little skilled labour available on the island, our systems were still installed on-site rather hassle-free. The systems were fast commissioned to much delight of the island’s inhabitants.

Drinking water for a remote island2

Oil & gas refinery plant.

Process water for refinery’s industrial use.

Two train of modular SWRO and BWRO modular skids were installed and commissioned for a large international oil and gas company’s refinery located on-shore in Indonesia. Apart from the operators’ consumption, the desalinated water was further polished by BWRO systems for the refinery’s day-to-day industrial applications.

Oil gas

Oil rig platform.

Potable water for oil rig’s operators.

Our teams overcame 2 main challenges – time constraint and limited access to install and commission a standard SWRO system onboard a docked oil rig platform of a regular customer. Pre-engineered designs of our systems saved our teams a lot of time for production. Our system was flexible for demolition on the oil rig’s open deck, and for re-assembly within the constrained space. The system was commissioned way ahead of the oil rig leaving the shipyard’s maintenance dock in Singapore.

dock in Singapore

Military camp on an island.

Containerised water maker for island camp.

Our containerised SWRO system met the military client’s stringent requirements, and saved the customer hassles of building any shelter structures at the resource-limited base. Completely plugandplay, the system was installed and commissioned within a week. Both the containerised water maker and our technical personnel were transported respectively to the island base by designated military aircraft for security reasons.

security reasons
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