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The usefulness
of the century-
old ion exchange

Wide range of applications to industries ranging from as simple as softening water for household consumption to laboratory, brewery, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical production, power plant, oil refinery etc. Sales references ↓


Nitrates processing.

DI water for
ammonium processing.

We supplied a standard and modular 20m3/hr SDI system to Queensland Nitrates Pty Ltd for its day-to-day operations in Queensland. Our systems meet the stringent AS3000 (Australian Standards 3000) usually required by Australian end-user. The installation at the site was relatively hasslefree and our engineers were at the site for the final testing and commissioning before official hand-over.


Aviation processing.

Ultra-pure water for processing.

The project involved supply of a 5 m3/hr SDI
system to produce ultra pure water for Singapore
Aerospace Engineer Services Pte Ltd’s (SAEPL)
processing of aviation parts and components. In
this project, we supplied physio-chemical
wastewater treatment plant to treat the plant’s
effluent to meet the discharge standards of
Singapore’s national environmental agency. The
project was executed on an EPC basis.


Municipal water.

Removal of traces of uranium.

With selective type of resin, we designed and supplied a 7.7 m3/hr containerised system for the purpose of removing traces of uranium present in the well water for Pilbara community in Western Australia. Located at a rather remote rural area, the containerised system was designed to be fully automatic and to be monitored remotely by the local government agency. The signal connectivity was through a satellite disc mounted on top of our container.


Oil & gas refinery.

Ultra pure water for refinery.

We supplied a standard and modular 250 m3/day SDI system to Oil & Gas Development Co. (Pakistan) Ltd for its oil and gas refinery’s operations. As a well established company, our teams went through very stringent tendering and clarification process to secure this project, which was well delivered and on schedule for the end-user’s project implementation.

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