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A whole new
world of water
business for you.

With our wide range of water
systems, products and full-
fledged support.

In partnership, we serve.

As we continue to expand our business into further regions, we welcome opportunities
and possibilities of partnering with more and able agents and distributors for other
countries or industries. We look forward to establishing long-term collaborative
relationship with you, building water business together in your region.


Working with one principal.

With our comprehensive range of water systems, you will be able to serve a wide spectrum of applications and industries immediately, and without having to work and collaborate with multiple principals. Where a treatment application requires a combination of two or more key water treatment technologies such as ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis processes, you could count on us to support you for a complete and competitive proposal.

Your clients and you would be delighted by our expertise and experiences in optimising the combined performances of such systems working in tandem, and without any technical non-compatibility issues in installation and the whole treatment line’s overall performances.

Full spectrum of support.


We shall provide you and your team with full spectrum of commercial and technical support to quickly establish water business as a complementary part of or another core business of your establishment. These include marketing materials, sales tools and kits, sales and technical training, process analyses and proposals, learning technical know-how through FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests) or SATs (Site Acceptance Tests),learning technical know-how through FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests) or SATs (Site Acceptance Tests), technical support for in-situ installation details, in-situ testing an commissioning by our experienced engineers, transfer of know-how for post-sale troubleshooting needs and services, performance guarantee, warranty for parts and components, post-sale replacement needs and more. Please feel free to contact or email us ( to discuss and explore the opportunities.

Prospecting tools and kits.

Demo systems for exhibitions and trade fairs. Marketing tools and kits for
technical presentations. Pilot tests and plants for clients or new
areas of treatment applications.

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