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Our breadth and depth, near and far.

Oil & gas, mining, food & beverage, power plant, pharmaceutical sectors.

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Market references.

Expertise to design and make systems that meet your needs and comply with your local industrial standards and regulatory requirements.

Over the years, we have accumulated vast experiences and learned how to fuse varying industrial standards and regulatory requirements of different countries into our water and environmental protection systems.

Be it compliance to BS or ANSI, or the fine details of cables’ color codes and supplies. Be it WHO benchmarks or more stringent potable water’s parameters. Be it ABS certification, explosion-proof requirements or different tele-communication platforms used for remote monitoring connection. We are versatile and capable of designing and building systems to comply with those, without compromising their optimal process and functional performances.


The industries we serve.

We have established numerous track recordsin oil & gas, mining, food & beverage, power plant and pharmaceutical sectors, which are some most technically stringent sectors where water applications are concerned. We have the expertise and experiences in designing and integrating water systems that meet the needs of most other industries. We continually innovate and constantly challenge our innovative frontiers.

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Client references.

We have supplied to a number of well-known local and international customers of varying industries, located in Singapore or in the region. They are the most indisputable testimonials of our technological capabilities and deliveries. No customer is too small or too far for us. No technical complexity or stringent compliances are too intimidating. We look forward to serving many more other established clients.

Local and foreign clients in Singapore


International and MNC clients in the region


Application experiences.

We love tackling and treating challenging feed water qualities to meet our clients’ requirements.
Be it underground water with high iron and manganese content, high-TDS seawater, industrial effluent, we have systems to treat or recycle it to potable or ultra pure qualities.


We see exceptionally contaminated water as another opportunity to innovate new treatment system or to explore and adopt new technology. Apart from continuously acquiring new application know-how, our experienced personnel are ever prepared to travel near or miles, urban cities or most remote corners to carry out installation-supervisory or testing and commissioning duties. This enables us to continue to build on our knowledge and expertise to further innovate and improve our systems for future project sites’ situational variants, and to explore and build new functional or user-friendly features into our systems for day-to-day operations. Sales and application references  


Case studies. Tackle tough waters.

We take worthy opportunities to explore, study some exceptionally contaminated waters. And innovate or improvise our systems or adopt new technologies to tackle such waters to meet our clients’ product water requirements.


F&B Application – RO system for ingredient water.

International sanitary-standard compliant RO system for PepsiCo’s Bottling
plant (Dongnai Province, Vietnam). Read more

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