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We will not “hire” you. You will be one of us.

Dynamic individuals.

And no, we are not referring to how fast you work. We would like that you are not one who is always contented with your comfort zone at works, not one who is reluctant to change or accept changes, not one who would ask to do less than more. But one who is prepared to challenge yourself to take on new challenges, for your career, for our business.


Honest with works.

It is beyond the basic integrity of not abusing or misappropriating the organisation’s resources for individual interests, it is about being honest with your job responsibilities and hence to deliver your work commitments as diligently as you possibly can, without short-changed efforts or compromised attitude.


Humble to learn.

Complacency or arrogance towards learning is often the mother of many career or business failures. Lagging behind or stagnating where knowledge, experiences, skills, methods, mindsets etc at a personal level is as bad for the individual concerned as for a team or organisation. You may already be the best expert in the field that we seek to acquire, but if you possess complacent or arrogant attitude or mindsets towards learning something worthy or new for you to progress, we would prefer to keep the vacancy unfilled.


Team player.

Nobody is able to do everything everyday by himself or herself. More so in a business. We emphasise team works, and appreciate the benefits arising from inter-dependency among team members. Willingness to communicate and cooperate well with other team members, and to step up when needs be to guide and support weaker ones among us to attain our common goals is one trait we greatly appreciate.



Inspiring traits.

For those applying for senior or managerial posts, we are looking for inspiring traits in them. Those who will lead, or aspire to lead. Those who will come with positive energy, influencing his or her team members likewise, even when confronted with adversity. Those who know how, or are prepared to learn to know how, to motivate, unite and rally his or her teams to any challenging occasion. Over long terms, we would expect you to “manage” your teams less, but “lead” more.


Job no.  :  M00101BD
Job title :  Senior Engineer/Manager

 Business Development (International)

You will be required to identify, assess and assist in appointing new agents or distributors in the existing and new regional market places. Working with our process and technical design team, you shall coordinate, manage and lead the process of providing our regional agents and distributors with water and environmental engineering solutions, proposals, quotations and tender submissions.

You will be required to communicate with, direct and manage effectively our agents’ and distributors’ sales and distribution performances, and to assist and support them where marketing strategies and prospecting works are concerned. You will help the management establish and maintain good business relationship with all our distribution partners in the region. Where required in a particular industrial sector or geographical market targeted, you may be required to develop direct clientele bases in such areas.


  • Diploma/degree in engineering, chemistry or environmental fields will be an added advantage;
  • 5-8 years of regional sales and marketing or business development experiences for water treatment systems/engineering services or technical products;
  • good communication (oral and written) and presentation skills in English are essential;
  • excellent interpersonal skills and good acumen in identifying and assessing the potential of a particular business sector or geographical market place;
  • be willing to travel regularly within Asian region (and occasionally to other continents).

Job no.  :  M00102OPS
Job title :  Senior Engineer/Manager

Operations (Project Management)

This job requires you to lead and manage a team of Engineers for day-to-day project management of sales/contract execution and deliverables for agents/distributors or direct customers in Singapore and in the region. Your responsibilities include overseeing the entire execution process from the confirmation of a sale order to detailed process and technical designs, control and management of projects’ budgets, procurements, production scheduling and progress, factory acceptance tests and procedures, shipment scheduling and details, testing and commissioning schedules and allocation of manpower/personnel and all documentation process etc.

Working with other functional departments including process and technical design teams, production, administration personnel etc, you will be overall responsible for the liaison and communication with the managements or project personnel of our agents/distributors or clients in terms of technical designs, progress updates, shipment schedules and allocation of personnel and scheduling of testing and commissioning travels.


  • Diploma/degree in project management, mechanical/electrical engineering, chemical engineering, environmental environmental engineering etc;
  • more than 7 years of experiences in leading and managing environmental (preferably in process water applications) engineering projects in the region;
  • dynamic, meticulous individuals with good leadership traits and reasonably good communication (oral and written) skills in English;
  • willing to travel occasionally within Asian region (and sometimes to other continents).
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