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Learn out of class

rooms and books.

From us. With us.


Opportunities to learn with us.

We welcome students from any local (or foreign) tertiary educational institutions to join us for their industrial attachment programs. We have received some interns from polytechnics or universities in the past years, for periods as long as 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the students’ and their education centres’ attachment programs. We are committed to playing active roles in participating with educational institutions in providing our young learners with opportunities for out-of-class exposure, helping to widen their real-work perspectives as well as to prepare them in joining the workforce upon their graduation.


More than being an intern.

We often aim for you to learn as much as possible within the attachment period given. More often than not, we encourage our staff and you to work together as if you are one of our newly recruited staff, than to treat you as an “intern”. You are usually assigned to a senior engineer or executive. You get to attend discussions, meetings and day-today job functions just like any of our staff, and perhaps to travel on overseas assignments. These ways, we provide you with greater and more realistic work-environment exposure, and you will learn more during your attachment with us, even for a relatively short attachment period.


Your interests for a particular
job nature matter to us.

We may not be able to allocate the job functions to suit your interests of learning all the times. But we will try. We would usually discuss, evaluate and determine with you the best or most suitable job responsibilities which may meet your interests and aims. Unless such are restricted by your education centre’s programs or requirements. We will assess and review your potential and flairs in assigning you job duties of a particular nature, so as you will get to be exposed to job nature which you may be best at doing, and validate your job interests for yourself.

A place offering multiple disciplines of learning.

Process and engineering designs. Research and development. Sales proposals and tender preparation. Sales execution and project management. Technical service and maintenance. Quality assurance process. Human resource and administration. Finance and accounting functions. Corporate communication. We have them. And more. It is not only for the students from the technical or engineering disciplines. We welcome students from other disciplines to join us for training and exposure in corporate, commercial, financial, accounting functions or in other non-technical roles.


It is as rewarding to you as to us.

While you are with us, as much as tapping the benefits of your works, you will attain as much knowledge from our training and as from your hands-on experiences. We learn from you too. We appreciate that being fresh in our lines of business, you are capable of offering us out-of-the-box perspectives and ideas, on how we may do our business or innovate our technologies better. We learn too how our young view their jobs and careers, and what they may aspire to achieve. And we will evolve to lead and manage them better. Your attachment with us will be as rewarding to you as to us. That is how we see it.

Land a job with us post-internship.

What’s more, join us and secure your first full-time job after your internship with us. Even before your graduation. If you find some job function that really interests you, and you aspire to develop a career in that field, give yourself a head-start by getting that job with us by the end of your internship attachment. We are constantly on the look-out for the right people to join us for our fast growing regional business. Your attachment with us will give us a good opportunity to assess how you may fit in, giving you an assured spring-journey towards building a long term career of your choice.


Go on. Sign up to find out where it may lead you to. With us.

Do look out for our postings in your school’s internship programs and sign up
for your next industrial attachment. Otherwise, do contact us at (65) 6759 2977
(ext. 13) or write to us at to enquire or to discuss
how we may arrange with your school to take you in with us.

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