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We make intelligent
water systems.

Lots of thoughts and hard works
to make each of our systems
your best investment.

A Singapore Water Company.

Evolving continuously to make the applications of
water technologies simpler.

Prestigious and strategic shareholder.

Part of a large & dynamic group of water/wastewater companies.

SKion GmbH

SKion is wholly owned by German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten who is an anchor shareholder of BMW. Through SKion, Mrs Klatten owns 100% of Altana AG and shareholdings in SGL Carbon, Avista Oil, Gemalto and Nordex.

Water Portfolio

Since 2010, SKion has built a portfolio of investments in the field of water technologies – a comprehensive range of water/wastewater treatment technologies for both municipal and industrial customers is hence available.


Global coverage.

A few companies of SKion’s water portfolio such as Enviro Chemie, Eliquo Water Group, Paques, Ovivo and Matten have market presence and reach covering Europe, Russia, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Group’s wide range of water technologies and expertise.

SKion’s water portfolio offers diverse range of technologies and products including Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis membrane, Ion-exchange, Deionisation, biological wastewater treatment, sludge and water separation, wastewater recycling, zero liquid discharge, air purification solutions etc.


Making water technologies simple
for sustainable water resources.

By using less to churn out more, by transforming complex technologies into simple systems for use, by applying innovative solutions to reclaim what the industries have used for re-use, and at their points of use, by making the industries’ applications of our water technologies simple etc, we contribute to making our limited resources more sustainable for our future generations, everyday and in many ways.


To be Asia’s leading manufacturer for a
comprehensive range of standard and modular water treatment systems and products.

We focus on building a broader portfolio of standard
and modular water systems for ready applications, and
a wider range of complementary products to make
such applications easy for the industries. We continue
to establish a wider sale, distribution and post-sale
support network into further regions, and to elevate
ourself to be a leading system integrator in the global
water supply chain.


We see no reason why a water treatment system cannot be made simple for use, despite its complicated technologies. And we see no boundary in simplicity, no matter how simple operation-wise we have already made our systems to be. And to achieve this perfection, we need both the systems’ hardware and software to work together perfectly. We own and manage our assembly lines and production facilities in the region, and we carry out all process designs, R&D, innovation, control programming etc in Singapore, an ideal hub for the adoption, applications and advancement of water and other environmental technologies.

Awards and Accolades.

A multiple award-winning Singapore water company.

“Enterprise 50 Awards
for structuring for
optimal growth…”

E50 Award has been long established and is one of the most prestigious business awards in Singapore. Co-led by KPMG and The Business Times of Singapore, it is well supported by various government agencies and associations. Our company emerged as one of the top 50 Enterprise Awards winners in 2011 for its sound and sustainable business model, and for its rapid growths of businesses into the regional markets in recent years.


“…first water company in
Singapore to have won
Singapore Prestige Brand
Awards (SPBA)…”

SPBA was launched in 2002 by the Association for Small and Medium
Enterprises (ASME), sponsored by Singapore Press Holding’s Lianhe
Zaobao (the mainstream Chinese Newspapers in Singapore) and
Citibank (Singapore). It has since evolved to be a major and highly
respectable award in Singapore, and has provided a number of wellknown Singapore companies and businesses with prestigious and
valuable brand recognition and awareness in the region.

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