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Water technologies made simple.

Beyond quality, reliability and durability.

We strive to transform the most advanced, sophisticated and even complicated water technologies into most intelligent, hassle-free and user-friendly water treatment systems for your day-to-day operations and applications, giving you values well beyond the conventional offerings of quality, reliability and durability in the water industries.


Not just a water treatment system.

It has to be intelligent to be simple.

Evolving complexity in businesses.

Globalised businesses get increasingly complex with constantly evolving technologies and methodologies. Being able to focus on one’s core business is essential to sustaining one’s business competitiveness today. Water, often being one of the utilities needed to support a business in most industries, should not be an undermining factor towards one’s business growth. But with more clean water resources being irreversibly polluted worldwide, and with growing demand for high quality water, dealing with more advanced, sophisticated and complex water technologies has become a day-to-day affair. And it will continue increasingly so.


From complexity to simplicity.

We understand these. That is why continual innovation and research and development for transforming advanced and complex water technologies into intelligent, simple and userfriendly systems for the industries have been the driver of our day-to-day businesses. We understand too that it has to go beyond merely the physical systems and products for use to making the whole pre-to-post-sale supply chain of ours easy for our end-user customers and the industries.

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24/7 systems.

Well instrumented.

Intelligently programmed.

Minimal human attendance required.

All our water and environmental protection systems are well instrumented and intelligently programmed for 24/7 operations. Technological processes, operating philosophies and functions of our systems are fully automated vis-a-vis the feed parameters and product qualities/discharge standards required. Our systems are often built with programming features to allow adjustments to deal with any changing or shock-load feed parameters. We strive to make fail-proof systems that require minimal human attendance on a day-today basis. Our systems work rather independently and intelligently for day-to-day operations to be simple, friendly and hassle-free.

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Modular designs and configurations.

Easy to ship. Easy to install. Easy to expand.

Most of our water systems are modular-designed and skid-based, or containerised. For standard applications or project-specifics that require custom-designed-and-built systems, we will always spare no efforts in designing and configuring the eventual systems into modular sets. This ensures that they can affordably be shipped by containers, easy to be aligned and installed in-situ. With such expertise and efforts, it is relatively easy too for our customers who may decide to expand their full water treatment plants’ capacities in phases.


FATs for easy in-situ T&Cs.

Making life simpler at project sites.

We conduct vigorous Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) on most of our systems prior to shipments wherever practicable. Where practicable to our customers, we conduct FATs witnessed and certified by our customers’ visiting officers or independent assessment bodies. This important step, and the trouble-shooting process in advance where necessary, helps to validate the desired performance of our systems before they leave our factory, and minimises the systems’ optimisation and trouble-shooting process at project sites.

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Bringing your water system close to you.

Knowing your water system’s performance made simple.


Preventing costly downtime is key.

Post-sale downtime of your water system due to technical troubles or lack of maintenance costs you dearly. But monitoring the performance of your water system’s day-to-day performance, or its remote location may not be practical for you. We have developed unique monitoring protocols and systems for you to track, monitor and analyse the performance of your water system whenever and at wherever you want to. You will be alerted at early signs of a potential problem of your system, and take action to resolve it way before having to shut down the system for any rectification. To make your life even simpler, you may engage our agent, distributor or us to provide you with 24/7 monitoring services, all year round.

Minimalist-approach and protocols.

Need not be bogged down by every operating detail of your water system. This is well taken care of by our intelligent systems. Structured via mobile telecommunication or internet systems or both, our monitoring systems focus on the most essential operating parameters and data that may cause the downtime of your water system arising either from excessive spikes of feed water qualities, lack of maintenance, wear and tear of parts and components over time, or product water qualities exceeding the desired standards for some reasons. We believe that an intelligent water system with high-quality parts and components requires only minimal monitoring effort over its service life span.


Not just about technicality.

Simplicity beyond technologies.

Pre-to-post-sale process made simple.

Your wants for a specific water treatment purpose is often not as straightforward. You need to meet someone in person to discuss that and find the right solution. Even for your standard water application, you may not feel comfortable to just pick a particular system from our marketing materials. We understand these. That is why we continue to build expansive official agent and distributor networks to be close to where you are, to communicate with you in person and assess and determine your needs. What’s more, they provide you with a whole host of value-add services that you may need to produce the first drop of water for you, and to continue to take care of your water treatment facilities thereafter. They support us in many value-added ways to make your pre-to-post-sale process so much simpler. More on our sales networks >


Making it simple for you in many value-added ways.

Our agents/distributors will provide you with these services.


Consultation in person.
Trained and guided by us, our agents/distributors are able to communicate with you in person, to assess your requirements and to recommend to you suitable solutions. It is far more effective that you have someone to communicate with and explore the options in person, especially where less than straightforward project requirements are concerned.

Our agents/distributors will work with you closely to determine with you and us the exact deliverables required for your project, being it the technical specifications, documentation details or the physical systems or products. They will also coordinate for FAT requirements and all the shipment and logistic details, ensuring that your water system/product arrive at your project site timely.

For customers who require in-situ installation works and local peripheral supplies, most of our agents/distributors are able to offer turnkey engineering contract or project supervisory services. They will manage and install our water system for you, including supplying to you all the local items such as tanks and piping materials etc.

Testing & Commissioning.
Our agents/distributors will coordinate with your team on testing and commissioning schedules, scope of works and logistic requirements for our traveling commissioning engineers. For some standard systems and applications, our agents/distributors are trained to commission such for you without our involvement.

Post-sale support.
With the transfer of our experiences and expertise, you may engage our agents/ distributors to provide you with regular system’s maintenance services, giving you post-sale peace-of-mind where the operations of your water system are concerned. For future parts’ and components’ replacements due to wear and tear, they are able to supply to you at ease from our wide range of private-label stocks.

24/7 Monitoring services.
If your water system is with our MATT Remote Monitoring System, you may engage our agents/distributors to provide you with 24/7 performance-monitoring services for your water system. They will help prevent any potential downtime of your water system early with their troubleshooting actions and activities at your treatment plant.


Post-sale replacements made simple.

We make your post-sale needs simply least onerous.

Ever wondered where to begin sourcing for a small part or component for any of your machines several years postprocurements? Ever experienced costly shut-down of your production lines caused by the stoppage of your production’s supporting utilities, because of shortage of essential consumables needed by your utility systems? When we sell to you our water or any environmental protection systems, we want you to be able to concentrate on your core businesses, and attend least to the day-to-day continual operations of our systems.

That is why over the years, through our commitments to support you better, we have built up a comprehensive range of quality private-label parts and components and consumables with our OEMs to supply to you your post-sale replacement items competitively, yet timely. You can simply contact our agents or distributors close to you, or contact us, for what you need should such needs arise from the systems you have procured from our agents or distributors, or from us directly. Customers’ peace-of-mind post-sale should never be a thing of the past, where we are concerned. More >

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